When an Epic Sea Battle Disappears

Art by Florian Prou

Art by Florian Prou

“WHAT HAPPENED?! How did this puddle get here?” Shouted the Museum Director, joining the Deputy in front of the painting.
It had originally depicted an epic battle between the Spanish and the British on the high seas, now it just depicted the high seas. No ships in sight. The Deputy had noticed it, and dragged in the Director from vacation. They still opened the museum, but partitioned off the room with the painting.
While the men stood there staring at the scene, a small boy trotted into the room towards the deputy and pulled on his sleeve. The Deputy forced a smile while bending down to the child’s level. “Hullo, what can I do for you? Are you lost?”
The boy looked sheepish, and he pulled out three ships from behind his back and showed the man. Ships that looked exactly like the ones originally in the painting. Still dripping wet. “I sowwie mithter” the boy said.
Trying to stay calm, the man asked “Young man, where did you get those?”
The boy looked down and stared at the ships. “I learned thith game from my muvver, but pleath don’t tell her. I can put the thips back.”
Shocked, he told the boy to wait. He asked the Director to get started on the report, and he would be there momentarily to finish it. He told the boy he wouldn’t tell a soul if he fixed the painting.
The boy smiled and walked over to the painting. Placing the ships into the puddle and placing a chubby hand onto the frame, he muttered something under his breath. The Deputy will never forget what he saw: like watching a theatre moving picture go backwards. In less than a minute, the floor was dry and the painting was fully restored except for the tiny handprint on the frame. As the boy walked out of the room, the Deputy wondered how he was going to tell the Director.


Becoming a Writer: How? When? Why?

Hello! Please, pull up a chair, grab your favorite hot drink, and let’s talk about how you became a writer: what triggered that important moment inside you soul that said “I shall place words on paper that will tell of stories and tales to regale the masses!”? Did you grow up loving to create stories? Did you have an epiphany moment over your coffee/tea/beer/wine/whiskey and decided that life wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t complete a novel? Or were you just an awesome liar and decided to use your gift for good instead of evil?
For me, writing is a very new urge. I’ve been reading non-stop for my entire life, except for this Black Hole period known as ‘college’, and was perfectly content to remain an avid reader.
Until that one day.
You all know what I’m talking about, that day where everything changed: you developed an itch that antibiotics couldn’t fix, Netflix became a stale, boring pastime, you wanted to experience life just so you could write about it later. And then, you started to WRITE. So it was the summer of 2013, and I had just reread the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (don’t know what I’m talking about? Get the eff off this page and find that book NOW. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.), and it suddenly dawned on me that I really wished she had created more Tents. The idea I had in my mind for a new tent was awesome (at least to me), that I started inadvertently writing Night Circus fan fiction, and I didn’t even know what the hell fan fic was at the time.
One thing led to another, and I started writing in a journal, using pics found around the Internets as prompts. I usually take one look at an intriguing pic and my mind is off to the races. One day, I was trying to find fun pics to practice writing with, and I came across The One.
My Muse.
The picture that spawned the ideas for my first novel…which I’m still working on to this day. And that book has been cooking away, mutating and morphing into something waaaay more crazy and fun than I could imagine.
So all this is fun and good right? Slogging away day to day on a novel, but like any insane beginner, I want lots of practice followed by lots of instant gratification (or mortification depending how bad my posts are) so I recently started posting Flash Fiction to Instagram. The stories continued to get bigger so I thought I’d bite the bullet and get this oddly named personal Internet space called a “blog”. Such a gross sounding name don’t you think? I’m trying to come up with better names, but all I’ve come up with is Dump Site and MyRants, and both make blog sound better. Ugh.
Anyways, I digress. I grabbed up some Net real estate so I could practice my writing and have instant confirmation on being able to write a story (flash or short), and being able to “publish” immediately and sometimes get feedback since I’m currently too embarrassed to tell people I see face to face that I’m a self-diagnosed storyteller. You see, I work in the Space Industry (no, nothing cool like NASA), and I work with a bunch of super smart, rock science nerds. So, we tend to not always agree upon the same types of fiction all the time, making it hard to find folks to give me constructive criticism when they hate my stories already.
So that’s where this blog and you come in. I am hoping that we can learn from each other, and be wide open with our posts and info, and give good feedback to each other!

So how did you kick off your epic journey into writing? What’s your favorite form of writing (flash, short, novel, etc)? Let me know what you think! And thanks for stopping by .


dragon writer by Andrew Ferez

Hello, and welcome to my reading and writing nook on the web! I am a passionate lover of many many things, primarily books, writing, and traveling, and I’ll be posting about those things often, but also whatever else strikes my fancy! I’m also attempting to write my first novel, and will post about the process and what I’m learning about that as well. My goal here are to post 1-2 times a week (maybe more), and I would love any questions, critiques, and feedback as long as everything stays constructive. Looking forward to interacting with everyone, and once again, welcome!

Happy Reading Everyone,