Flying, Snarling, Dripping, Walking


Witches on their brooms flying,
Cats on the tombstones crying,
Moon in the sky smiling,
It’s Halloween once more!
Monsters on the move snarling,
Creatures in the woods prowling,
Imps jumping around dancing,
It’s Halloween once more!
Vampires with their fangs dripping,
Undead with their brains chewing,
Ghosts in the wind haunting,
It’s Halloween once more!
Children in costumes walking,
Parents trailing behind laughing,
Neighbors with candy giving,
It’s Halloween once more!

-Words by by Tiff the Traveler,
-Art by Ryta


On Zombies, a Poem

Good night,
Sleep tight,
But run before the Zombies bite.
Dark light,
No sleep tonight,
Sharpening knives for a fight.
Slight bite,
Bad fright,
Will I make it through the night?
Safety in height,
Finally sleeping tonight,
Tomorrow more Zombies I will smite.

Poem by Tiff the Traveler
Art by Sam Spratt