On Love and Bruises


All the boys had left their mark on her in some form or fashion.
Her First boy taught her that some boys really did like smart girls.
Her Country boy taught her that country music wasn’t so bad.
Her Pretty boy taught her how to dance, while her Tough boy taught her how to fight.
Her College boy taught her how to make love and play video games, while her Outdoorsy boy taught her to climb mountains.
But not all the boys taught her something useful.
Mean boy taught her that not all boys are trustworthy and lies are easier than truth.
Play boy taught her that she wasn’t as special to him as he led her to believe.
Abusive boy left bruises on her arms and scars on her heart that are still healing.
She allowed these lessons to inadvertently form and shape her, until she finally got fed up.
She kicked all these lessons out of her heart and mind, and allowed the first lesson she had ever learned from her Dad to take over: it’s ok love a boy, but never give your heart and mind to a boy that will not treasure it like you deserve.

-Art titled Close to You by Christian Schloe

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