Hope and Forgiveness Through Music


It was open mike night at the local dive, when He walked through the door. He set up his guitar and equipment, looked carefully around the room, took a deep breath and began to play. The music meandered then swelled, and took over the noisy room, causing all to stop and stare.
The bartender saw his Wife, forgiving him and wanting him back.
The college dropout saw her Father, telling her how proud he was regardless of the decisions she had made.
The town drunk saw his Daughter, promising to always be there for him.
The starving artist saw his Muse, urging him to always create.
He continued to play, and play and play. It was like joy was pouring from his hands, sunlight and love weaving together. When he had given everything he could, he stopped and started packing up. The bar slowly went back to their original activities, dazed after this man’s performance. The bartender rushed up to the man and asked, “Friend, what was that? How…?” The man looked around the room with such love in his eyes, and then looked at bartender. “You all saw what you needed to see: Hope and Forgiveness.”–Tiny Tale by Tiff the Traveler. Art is titled Rise by Paul Villinski


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